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CEO Interviews

Harri Hui, Chief Marketing Officer, PEPSICO ASIA China International Business 2009-08-01 (read)

Paolo Gasparrani, President, L'OREAL CHINA China International Business 2009-05-01 (read)

Richard Yorke, President & CEO, HSBC CHINA China International Business 2009-04-01 (read)

John Cappo, President, IMG CHINA China International Business 2008-07-01 (read)

Kevin E. Wale, President of GENERAL MOTORS CHINA GROUP China International Business 2008-05-01(read)

Yue-Sai Kan, Founder and CEO of HOUSE OF YUE-SAI China International Business 2008-03-01(read)

David Wei, President of ALIBABA B2B China International Business 2007-06-01 (read)

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Trend Setters

Bofei Yan, Founder of JIFENG BOOKS, Shanghai, China That's Shanghai 2005-07-01 (read)

John Ralston Saul, Author of "THE COLLAPSE OF GLOBALISM" China International Business 2007-03-01 (read)

Rong Li, on adapting Yu Hua's novel "BROTHERS (Xiong Di)" into a stage play That's Shanghai 2008-03-01(read)

Hongmin Lin, President of THE ORIENTAL ARTS CENTER, Pudong, Shanghai That's Shanghai 2007-06-01(read)


Kishore Mahbubani, Author of "The New Eastern Hemisphere: The Irrestible Shift of Global Power to the East" China International Business 2008-05-01(read)

Joseph McDermott, Author of "A Social History of the Chinese Book" That's Shanghai 2007-05-01,(read)

Eric Stone, Author of "The Livingroom of the Dead" That's Shanghai 2006-06-01 (read)

Yang Dongping, Author of "The Tale of Two Cities: Shanghai and Beijing" That's Shanghai 2006-07-01(read)

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