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SHANG YANG: A Historical Epic Play Returns to Stage for the Olympics
Yao Yuan's 12-year old play about a 3rd-century BC reformer returns to Beijing and Shanghai just in time for the Olympics
2008-06-12 South China Morning Post (SCMP) Print & Web Edition

CHUPPIE LOVE: White Collar Theater in Shanghai
Why are all those twenty-something professionals rushing to the theater these days?
2008-06-01 That's Shanghai Print & Web Edition

MENG JINGHUI'S TWO DOGS: Two Rural Dogs Hit the Urban Streets of China
The seasons's most popular play takes jabs at the soft spots of China's urban middle class
2008-01-01 That's Shanghai Print & Web Edition

STAR STRUCK: Spring Auditions at the Shanghai Theater Academy
Thousands arrive for their chance at winning a spot at the most prestigious drama institute in China
2008-05-01 That's Shanghai Print & Web Edition

CROSS-DRESSING IN CHINESE OPERA: Performing the Female Essence
2007-04-01 That's Shanghai (That's) Print & Web Edition


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Li Rong, on adapting Yu Hua's novel "BROTHERS (Xiong Di)" into a stage play That's Shanghai 2008-03-01(read)

Lin Hongmin, President of THE ORIENTAL ARTS CENTER, Pudong, Shanghai That's Shanghai 2007-06-01(read)